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Life Theological Seminary is a non denominational, an international academic institute. We provide training for pastors, evangelists, christian workers, ministers and soulwinners.

Admission is determined on the basis of an objective evaluation of an applicant’s credentials whatever the background, denominational affiliation or ethnic origin. All are offered equal opportunity to learn.

Courses of instruction are geared toward building effective and effecient preachers of the full gospel. Life Theological Seminary seeks to enroll as many students as possible who are called into the Christian service of preaching and teaching God’s Word with signs following. Anyone whose primary goal and purpose in life is to minister Christ to those with whom he comes in contact has an open door into Life Theological Seminary. Our aim is to reach all souls for Christ and our primary-goal and ambition in life is to preach where Christ has not been known and minister the Word to the Body of Christ. Our unified goal is to win men, women and children to Christ.

Beloved of God do you want to invest your Life and Resources in the concetrated study of the word of God – do you want to be the one of those to go and preach the message of salvation to the millions of souls, who have never heard of the good news? Will you be the one to teach the word of God ?, so that christian may be established in the faith

Enrol now and be qualified for the ministry.

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The impression of many seems to be, that grace will pardon what it cannot prevent; in other words, that if the grace of the Gospel fails to save people from the commission of sin in this life; it will nevertheless pardon them and save them in sin, if it cannot save them from sin. Now, really, I understand the Gospel as teaching that men are saved from sin first, and as a consequence, from hell; and not that they are saved from hell while they are not saved from sin. Christ sanctifies when he saves. And this is the very first element or idea of salvation, saving from sin. "Thou shall call his name Jesus," said the angel, "for he shall save his people from their sins." "Having raised up his Son Jesus," says the apostle, "he hath sent him to bless you in turning every one of you from his iniquities." Let no one expect to saved from hell, unless the grace of the Gospel saves him first from sin.--Charles Finney


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